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The Darkroom Co-op is located inside the Pearl Street Co-op, but is an entirely separate co-op, operating under the auspices of College Houses.


There are six requirements for joining the Darkroom Co-op.

  1. You must have advanced black and white darkroom experience.
  2. Space must be available. The co-op has a maximum of 35 members per semester.
  3. Must attend a meeting when interested in joining.
  4. Must attend the orientation.
  5. Must not be a convicted felon.
  6. Must supply a 4x6 recognizable picture of self for member board.

Proof of advanced black and white darkroom experience is most commonly (although not always) demonstrated via college transcripts listing advanced photography classes. Special review and orientation sessions can be held mid-semester for applicants who can demonstrate and provide proof of appropriate darkroom skills.

Darkroom Co-op members meet 3 times a year (Spring, Summer, & Fall), and hold a mandatory show during the Fall semester in the Pearl Street Study Room.

Members of the Darkroom Co-op have many different occupations, but all share an interest in the arts and are serious about their work in the darkroom.

If you have beginning darkroom skills and would still like to join the Co-op, we recommend that you see our list of resources or contact us for information on where to go to expand your knowledge and find out more about the Darkroom Co-op.